What is God’s Grand Game?

God’s Grand Game: Divine Sovereignty and the Cosmic Playground is the title of a book released in 2019 by philosopher and author Steven Colborne. The book explores the God/world relationship and takes a provocative look at the Christian worldview in light of the author’s understanding that we do not have free will.

The book’s thesis is that a sovereign God exists who is unfolding all events in creation — even those events which Christians might describe as ‘sin’ or ‘evil’. How could this be? Why would God cause suffering? Is there even evidence for God’s existence? The book was written to discuss answers to these and many other questions related to the divine sovereignty versus human free will predicament.

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Praise for God’s Grand Game (the book)

"Steven has a fascinating and knowledgable perspective on all things related to spirituality... this work will surely get you thinking about how one can understand and come to know the divine"  (David Robertson, author and blogger)

"It is stimulating to engage the author's arguments and their implications as he is very well read and articulate" (David Lorimer, editor of Paradigm Explorer magazine)

"God's Grand Game presents an insightful, counter-cultural worldview, inviting us to not only reconsider our relationship with the divine, but also with each other... The message of God's Grand Game is one we need to hear"  (Logan Noland, Pilgrimage to Somewhere)

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Steven ceased posting regularly on Perfect Chaos in August 2021. Although the blog will remain online for years to come (God willing), Steven no longer updates the blog, and it exists more as an archive than as an active blog. To keep up to date with Steven’s philosophical and spiritual journey as it progresses, and for a brand new article every Friday, you are warmly invited to subscribe here.

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